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All About Resistance Exercise

About Physical Therapy

How Resistance Exercise Helps You Lose Weight

The Difference Between Mobility and Flexibility

3 Simple Resistance Exercises You Can Start Doing Today

How to get stronger and more symmetrical by using the removable soft straps

How To Achieve Your 2019 Goals

A Holiday Message From Our Founder

One Reason To Do Daily Resistance Exercise This Holiday

5 Pieces Of Equipment A Gravity Ball™ Can Replicate

How To Use The Gravity Ball™

Updated U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines Allow for Small Steps

How To Improve Your Posture With A Gravity Ball

Resistance Exercise And Mental Health

How To Use A Gravity Ball™ To Build Core Strength

Abilities Expo & 3 Ways The Gravity Ball Benefits Adaptive Fitness

Why Cardio Isn't Cutting It

How To Do Grip-Free Resistance Exercise

The Up And Out Principle: The Gravity Ball Method™

National Physical Therapy Month

3 Health Benefits of Resistance Exercise

Time Under Tension: The Gravity Ball Method

Adaptive Fitness With A Gravity Ball™

Why Pairing Weights & Yoga Is A Great Idea

Gravity Ball™ And Muay Thai

Lower Back Pain and The Gravity Ball

3 Gravity Ball Exercises For Improving Balance

Which Gravity Ball Should I Use?

Prevent Rotator Cuff Injuries With This Gravity Ball™ Exercise

3 Tips For Exercising Consistently

Advanced Core Stabilization With A Gravity Ball™

How To Use Resistance Bands With A Gravity Ball™

Three Tips For Achieving Your Goals

One Stretch To Ease Lower Back Pain

Using A Gravity Ball™ For Parkinson's Disease

Using The Gravity Ball in the Warrior II Pose

2 Ways To Improve Your Symmetry

Handstands: Why They're Great & How To Take Them To The Next Level

Three Tips For Doing Daily Resistance Exercise

Why Grip-Strength Matters

A New Way To Exercise for Those With Parkinson’s Disease

Carpal Tunnel Exercises

Q&A: Grip-Free Resistance Exercise

Adapting: A Necessary Tool For Meeting the Needs of Today’s Society

Three Reasons Not to Resist Resistance Exercise

Cross Training With A Gravity Ball™: Resistance Exercise + Running

Why Adopting A Versatile Mindset To Exercise Is A Good Thing

3 Ways To Do 30 Minutes of Resistance Exercise Every Single Day

Lines Principle For Improving Posture, Form And Alignment

Dr. Dawud Lankford Speaking on The Exercise

Timed Exercise is the New Rep And Set

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