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How Resistance Exercise Helps You Lose Weight

Feb 5, 2019 1:50:41 PM / by Gravity Ball™

Are you looking to loose some extra weight around your mid-section, hips or thighs? Right now many of us are trapped indoors due to winter weather and/or are getting back into the swing of things after the holidays and winter travel. Chances are that becoming healthier (which can inevitably include weight loss) may be on the top of your mind.

Resistance exercise may be the missing link in your weight loss

Did you know that a very important part of maintaining a healthy weight is doing regular resistance exercise? This is becoming more common knowledge than in the past, but we still have a long ways to go. The link between optimal health and having a healthy percentage of muscle mass is becoming more clear.


Having enough high quality muscle mass on your body is essential for optimal health and weight management. This is because muscle (even though it’s denser and heavier than fat) has more metabolic function or requires more calories simply to exist as compared to fat. Think of fat (fat that’s beyond essential fat which is required for physiological functions) as our body’s storage. It doesn’t require as many calories to exist as muscle does. This is why gaining muscle will help you to loose or maintain your weight as muscle increases the total amount of calories your body needs while at rest (also called your resting metabolic rate).

All of us naturally will lose some muscle mass each year after age 30 unless we do something to counter the loss. This loss of muscle has a profound effect on our metabolism and the body’s ability to produce energy and detoxify.  As we loose muscle and as our activity levels naturally decline as we get older, weight gain tends to happen unless we take action to prevent it.


One would be wise to heed the advice that the closest thing to a “fountain of youth” is to maintain a healthy percentage of muscle on your body throughout all stages of life. Not only is it key to protecting your metabolic health and maintaining your weight but it’s also necessary for proper blood sugar control, cardiovascular function, regular blood pressure, injury prevention, as well as reducing cancer risk and chronic pain

Daily resistance exercise helps to keep your body strong and muscle tissue vital throughout your life which in turn will allow you to stay active and at a healthy weight for a long time.

Tips for starting a new resistance exercise program

If you’re new to resistance exercise, check out our article for 3 simple exercises you can start doing today. Remember, starting something new shouldn’t be complicated, but you do need to have a plan. Check out our suggestions for creating a new habit of daily resistance exercise.

Most importantly, find a way to incorporate resistance exercise into your daily life that works for you. You’ll stick with what you enjoy and the faster you can find the way that works for you, the better!

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