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How To Do Grip-Free Resistance Exercise

Oct 17, 2018 4:53:45 PM / by Gravity Ball™

To compliment our Q & A article about grip-free exercise we’d like to provide some tips on how to do grip-free resistance exercise so as to gain the most benefits.

Grip-free resistance exercise™ is a new way of doing weighted resistance exercise that does not require us to grip the weight. This frees up our hands and helps undue much of the overuse problems that come with all the flexion that we do throughout the day. Whenever we’re texting, holding onto our bag or carrying our groceries we’re recruiting the muscles that allow us to grip or close our fists. With time, these and surrounding muscles (called our flexion muscles) can develop overuse injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. Strengthening the opposing muscles (extensor muscles) can help to prevent these muscle imbalances.

This diagram shows the muscles and tendons that run along the top side of the hand, when these muscles contract (come together) they allow us to hold our hands open (think waving). These muscles are the ones we’re able to strengthen as we keep our hands open during exercise.

Using the Gravity Ball’s adjustable straps allow you to maneuver a weight in space while keeping your hands open and the extensor muscles activated.


Here are 3 tips for doing grip-free resistance exercise™ with a Gravity Ball™:

  1. Tightly secure the Gravity Ball™ to your hand so that it doesn’t move during exercise (as shown above). The weight should barely move when you rotate your hand up or from side to side. This ensures that the ball won’t have any unnecessary movement during exercise. 

  2. Form straight lines with your hands whenever you have the ball attached when first starting in order to instill proper form. (see below)

  3. Do not move suddenly or make jerky movements with the weight secured to your hand, use slow and controlled movements.

Whether you’re an athlete, someone who is currently rehabilitating an injury or someone who is new to resistance exericise, incorporating a variation of grip-free resistance exercise into your routine will be a great benefit!

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