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How To Use The Gravity Ball™

Dec 5, 2018 6:28:18 PM / by Gravity Ball™

We’re excited to share our new video that demonstrates how to use the Gravity Ball’s strap system and attachment anchors. This video is for anyone who has just received a Gravity Ball™ and are not quite sure how to use it or maybe you’ve had a Gravity Ball™ for a while but use just one of the straps. This may give you some inspiration for using the other types of straps.

We’d like to also mention that the principles for using the Gravity Ball™ shown in this video have applications not only in yoga but also in Pilates, adaptive fitness, physical therapy, rehabilitation and general fitness.

Now let’s jump right into it! Watch the full video below or on our YouTube channel.

Every Gravity Ball™ has 2 distinct strap systems including the adjustable Velcro® straps and the fixed-length loop straps. In addition, every Gravity Ball™ has four attachment anchors equally spaced along the black center band that can be used to attach various accessories including straps and resistance bands.  

How-To: Adjustable Straps

These straps can be attached to both the hands and the feet although it’s recommended to remove your shoes before using them on your feet. Simply open the Velcro® strap and place your hand through the bottom strap and against the ball, keeping your thumb outside of the strap. Pull the top strap down tightly to secure the ball to your hand.  The strap should be fastened snug enough so that the ball does not slide when you move your hand up, down or side to side. These straps can also be used as standard handles and can be held or gripped using one or two hands.

How-To: Loop Straps

Simply unfasten the fixed-length loop straps from their Velcro® attachment site and slide them out from underneath the adjustable straps. Slip your hands through up to the wrist and you’re ready to go. The loop straps can be used in multiple ways, including as a weighted tension band, as handles for weighted core or lower body exercises or as a stretch strap. When not using the loop straps they secure to the surface of the ball under the adjustable straps.

How-To: Attachment Anchors and Accessories

Four black attachment anchors are located along the Gravity Ball’s center band. Each of these can be used to attach various accessories such as the soft straps included with each Gravity Ball™ or resistance bands to provide the user with multiple other ways to use the Gravity Ball™. With additional accessories you can do various stretches, exercises and throws.

Now that you’ve seen how to use each of the straps on the Gravity Ball™ you now have a fun and challenging way of building strength, enhancing symmetry and improving mobility for life.

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