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Lower Back Pain and The Gravity Ball

Aug 28, 2018 4:28:26 PM / by Gravity Ball™

More about lower back pain

Lower back pain is a fact of life, according to WebMD. One half of all working Americans suffer from back pain issues each year (1).

Lower back pain can have a variety of causes and may be difficult to pinpoint because the muscles, joints, and ligaments of our lower back run together in a very compact and interconnected space.

As we get older many of us will experience acute lower back pain that goes away in a couple of days or several weeks at most. Unfortunately many others experience lower back pain in a more ongoing or chronic state.

The lower part of the spine is a vital connection point from the upper body to the lower body. Lower back pain can occur when the muscles and tendons surrounding and protecting your vulnerable spine are torn during an improperly executed or sudden movement. This mechanical cause is the most common type of back pain.

This is why practicing proper form and good posture while bending, sitting and especially when lifting heavy objects is so important. You want to keep the muscles surrounding your spine strong and balanced so that they can do their best to help protect your spine.

Movements that include bending forward should be avoided for people with lower back pain. Exercises such as toe touches and full crunches should also be avoided.

We suggest two Gravity Ball exercises for strengthening the muscles surrounding the spine in order to help prevent lower back pain:

Side Leg Lifts 

Side leg lifts strengthen the obliques which run along the sides of the core. This exercise can be done from a standing or seated position.


Squats are full of benefits and help to strength muscles of the hips, pelvis, legs and core. Squats are an effective full body strengthener and also help to keep joints aligned. This version uses a 5 lbs blue Gravity Ball to enhance the challenge and increase the range of motion for the shoulder joint. 

Although common, lower back pain can be prevented by practicing proper form and by strengthening the muscles surrounding the spine.

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