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All About Resistance Exercise

Mar 12, 2019 3:01:47 PM / by Gravity Ball™ posted in Gravity Ball, Grip-Free Resistance Exercise, heart health, Weight Loss, health benefits, mental health, Muscle Health, Resistance Exercise


What Is Resistance Exercise?

Resistance exercise is any form of exercise that applies a load or a force to your muscles and skeletal system that causes the muscles to contract in order to counter the load. Over time, your muscles and bones adapt to the load by growing stronger.

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Why Cardio Isn't Cutting It

Oct 25, 2018 12:03:42 PM / by Gravity Ball™ posted in Cancer prevention, heart health, injury prevention, health benefits, American Heart Association, diabetes prevention, Diabetesawareness, exercise is medicine, Resistance Exercise


Why Resistance Exercise Has Been Undervalued

The Gravity Ball team has interacted with many individuals over the years, and from these experiences we are convinced that resistance exercise has been and continues to be underappreciated and unknown by a majority of people who could benefit from it the most.  

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