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Adaptive Fitness With A Gravity Ball™

Sep 14, 2018 6:32:09 PM / by Gravity Ball™ posted in Abilities Expo 2018, adaptive, adaptive exercise, Adaptive Fitness, adaptive fitness classes, fitness, Flexibility, full body strength, Hip Tightness, injury prevention, mobility, range of motion exercises, strength, wheelchair


Adaptive Fitness with a Gravity Ball™

If you’re a wheelchair user, practicing resistance exercise is an important part of maintaining good overall health. It not only builds healthy muscle mass but also can help to reduce pain, improve mobility and reduce stiffness, prevent muscular imbalances, reduce the chances of injury, increase strength levels and boost your energy and mood.

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One Stretch To Ease Lower Back Pain

Aug 6, 2018 4:07:56 PM / by Gravity Ball™ posted in bird dog, bridges, chronic pain, Core Strength, hip mobility, Hip Tightness, joint pain relief exercises, loading, low back pain, Lower back, Lower Back Pain, muscle tear, Pain, Physical Therapy & Rehab, spasms, stretch, stretching, twisting


Lower back pain facts

The lower back or the lower portion of our spine is responsible for supporting the upper back and for allowing us to rotate and bend. One half of all working Americans suffer from back pain issues each year (1).

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