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5 Pieces Of Equipment A Gravity Ball™ Can Replicate

Dec 12, 2018 4:33:00 PM / by Gravity Ball™ posted in Adaptive Fitness, dumbbell, fitness goals, Fitness Motivation, foam roller, Gravity Ball, kettlebell, medicine ball, New Product, Physical Therapy Equipment, product comparison, Resistance Exercise, strap, weight, yoga, yoga strap


An Amazon search for “exercise equipment” brings up over 60,000 search results! That’s a lot to choose from. At Gravity Ball Health Systems, we’re all about making good use of what we have. With this in mind, we made sure the Gravity Ball™ was able to transition from one exercise to the next easily while offering versatile features that can adapt as our needs change over time.

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How To Use The Gravity Ball™

Dec 5, 2018 6:28:18 PM / by Gravity Ball™ posted in Adaptive Fitness, core, fitness, Flexibility, Gravity Ball, Grip-Free Resistance Exercise, mobility, New Product, Pilates, strength, Workout, yoga


We’re excited to share our new video that demonstrates how to use the Gravity Ball’s strap system and attachment anchors. This video is for anyone who has just received a Gravity Ball™ and are not quite sure how to use it or maybe you’ve had a Gravity Ball™ for a while but use just one of the straps. This may give you some inspiration for using the other types of straps.

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Time Under Tension: The Gravity Ball Method

Sep 19, 2018 4:22:53 PM / by Gravity Ball™ posted in Core Strength, Gravity Ball, Grip-Free Resistance Exercise, hands-free, lower body, New, New Product, Resistance Exercise, The Gravity Ball Method, TimeUnderTension, upper body


What is Time Under Tension?

An important principle of The Gravity Ball Method™ that we like to demonstrate for new Gravity Ball™ users is the concept of Time Under Tension.

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Which Gravity Ball Should I Use?

Aug 22, 2018 9:00:00 AM / by Gravity Ball™ posted in Athlete, black, blue, fitness, Gravity Ball, gravity ball method, grip-free, New, New Product, orange, Physical Therapy, Pilates, product comparison, Resistance Exercise, Rock climbing, size, Sports Medicine, weight, weights, Workout, yoga


We’d like to answer a question that we often get asked, which weight of Gravity Ball should I use?

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How To Use Resistance Bands With A Gravity Ball™

Aug 14, 2018 2:44:14 PM / by Gravity Ball™ posted in Accessories, core, Features, Gravity Ball, gravity ball method, how to, medicine ball, New Product, Resistance bands, Resistance Exercise, Shoulder, weighted exercise


Combining resistance bands and a Gravity Ball™

Compact, portable and versatile. Resistance bands can be used in many ways, as shown in this article by Greatist with 33 creative resistance band exercises. Resistance bands are also popular in physical therapy because of their compactness and their range of tensions. Some resistance bands are designed to be essentially giant rubber bands while others come with handles or hooks.

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